What is Hyperfibre? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

New Zealand took a huge step forward with the introduction of Hyperfibre. This ultrafast internet is currently available in over 200 cities and towns across New Zealand. It will connect millions of people across the country and will be a game-changer for broadband internet.

But what is Hyperfibre, and how does it work? And what is a good internet speed? This article will explain why this high-speed internet is an excellent upgrade for homes and businesses across New Zealand.

What is Hyperfibre?

Simply put, Hyperfibre is ultra-fast fibre internet; it delivers some of the fastest broadband speeds available in the world. Depending on the broadband plan, it has speeds ranging from 2-8 Gbps and offers a smooth, low latency connection.

However, it’s important to note that for the time being, most people will only be able to access speeds from 2-4 Gbps. Plans with speeds up to 8Gbps are only available in designated areas. But even at 2 Gbps, it still delivers speeds that are roughly 20 times faster than the average fibre plan.

How Does Hyperfibre Work?

With standard broadband speeds, a 1 TB file could take up to 12 hours to download. But if you have Hyperfibre, that same download will take you just 12 minutes.

Not only does Hyperfibre deliver faster speeds, but you’ll have a much better overall experience. The connection is low-latency, which means that it can process high levels of data with minimal delays. And the speed for uploading and downloading items is the same.

Plus, users can access multiple devices on the same network and experience a smooth connection on all of them. This connectivity is especially crucial as more people are working from home and attending school virtually.

What Speed Is Hyperfibre?

Hyperfibre delivers super-fast internet speeds and supports multiple gigabit downloads at once. It allows users unlimited streaming capabilities, low latency, and the most reliable connection available.

Just to give some context on speed, let’s say you’re trying to update a 15 GB game. If you have regular fibre internet with speeds of 100Mbps, it’ll take you about 21 minutes to complete the update. With 4Gbps, that same update would take just 30 seconds.

What’s The Difference Between Fibre And HyperFibre?

Fibre internet is a broadband connection that reaches speeds of up to 940Mbps. Fibre internet works by using a fibre-optic cable that sends data at about 70% of the speed of light. And these cables are less susceptible to weather changes, which protects customers from internet outages.

While fibre internet is a considerable upgrade from dial-up or cable internet thanks to its high speeds and reliability, it pales in comparison to Hyperfibre. Standard fibre has upload speeds up to 20 Mbps and download speeds up to 100 Mbps.

In comparison, Hyperfibre has upload and download speeds between 2-8 Gbps. It supports an unlimited number of devices and is extremely reliable.

Benefits Of Hyperfibre

Here are the biggest benefits Hyperfibre can bring to homes and businesses across New Zealand:

  • Faster speeds: The biggest advantage of Hyperfibre is that it’s up to 20 times faster than the average fibre plan.
  • Low latency: Hyperfibre comes with low latency, which means that it can process large amounts of data with minimal delays. This reliability makes it ideal for homes and businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data.
  • Symmetric services: Hyperfibre is symmetric, which means the speeds for uploading and downloading data are the same.
  • Early access: New Zealand is one of only 10 countries in the world to begin offering these ultra-fast internet speeds.

Is HyperFibre right for me?

Overall, high speeds and a better connection make Hyperfibre a good option for consumers and businesses across New Zealand. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for fast, reliable internet and symmetric bandwidth.

Of course, the average family probably isn’t transferring large quantities of data on a daily basis. But for them, the real benefit of Hyperfibre is the freedom it provides. It allows you to operate multiple devices on the same network while still receiving a smooth internet connection.

And having access to fast and reliable internet is even more important as more people are working from home or accessing educational curriculum online. With Hyperfibre, you’ll receive the same dedicated service whether you’re downloading a video, on a Zoom call, or updating a game.

Hyperfibre is ideal for any business that regularly shares large files or processes large amounts of data. It can help your business operate more efficiently, and the low costs make it affordable for most companies.

Can I Get Hyperfibre At My Address?

Hyperfibre is available in more than 75% of New Zealand towns and cities and we hope to make it available wherever fibre is.

If it’s not yet available in your location, you can sign up to stay in the hyperfibre loop here.

To learn more about your internet options in NZ, be sure to contact a MyRepublic representative. We can advise you on when you can access Hyperfibre and tell you about current MyRepublic deals.

What’s Next?

We live in a world that’s more connected than ever, so it’s essential to have fast internet speeds. HyperFibre will be a game-changer for homes and businesses alike, thanks to its fast speeds and reliable service.

New Zealand is one of only 10 countries worldwide that’s able to offer these ultra-fast internet speeds. Initially, plans will be available between 2-4 Gbps with the option to eventually have internet speeds as fast as 8Gbps.

To learn more about Hyperfibre and find out if it’s available for your home or business, be sure to contact MyRepublic NZ. Simply give our sales team a call on 0508 100 024 between (9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday or register your interest here and the team will talk you through the best option for your needs.