Moving home is never easy. So let us know in advance when you need your Broadband and Home Phone service relocated to your new address and we will arrange this for you. Contact our Customer Service Team via phone to arrange your relocation.

Our modems are compatible with ADSL and nbn™ so remember to take your modem with you when you move out.

To relocate your services this can take between 5-20 working days so let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure your service is up and running on the day you move in!

We don’t charge you an Early Termination Fee if you are still within your contract period and your new address passes service qualification for a MyRepublic service. We will simply roll over the remaining contract period to your new address. Standard Relocation Charges apply.

Ready to move? Check what Broadband service is available at your new address.

Please note: If your new address is not eligible for a MyRepublic service and you are within your contract period the standard Early Termination Fee will apply if you select to cancel your service.

Yes, once your address is nbn™ ready and you currently have a MyRepublic ADSL service you can contact Customer Service and we can arrange to migrate you over to the nbn™.

If your address becomes serviceable for nbn™  it is an easy transition.

  • Your contract will continue, but an admin fee will apply.
  • MyRepublic modems work on both ADSL & nbn™ so no need to change your hardware or reset your Wi-Fi devices.
  • If you have had a letter from nbn™ informing you that nbn™ is available in your neighbourhood- simply contact us so we can organise to move you to the nbn™.

Yes, please check that your security system is Internet Protocol (IP) enabled.

Yes, please check that your fax machine is Internet Protocol (IP) enabled.

Click here to view our Invoice Explainer to help you understand your first invoice.

Additional One-off Charges

Additional One-Off Charges

  • The following additional One-Off Charges may apply to your service when you sign up to MyRepublic from 06/02/2018.
  • The following additional One-Off Charges may apply to your service when you sign up between 15/11/2016 – 05/02/2018.

Additional One-Off Charges does not include any promotional pricing.