Refer a Friend

Get your mates to signup with us and you can each get a $50 account credit

Want $50 account credit for you and your mates? It’s easy. Just invite them to join MyRepublic and you’ll each receive a $50 account credit once their broadband service is activated.

It's super simple.

Step 1

Invite your friends and family
Invite your mates to sign up for one of our broadband plans online. To ensure you both get the $50 credit, your friend will need to enter your referral code into the promo code text box when they sign up online. Your referral code is your MyRepublic account number.

Step 2

Receive your $50!
Once their MyRepublic broadband service has been activated, you’ll each receive a $50 account credit applied directly to your MyRepublic account. The $50 credit will appear as a line item on your next invoice in the Credits section.

Download a copy of the Refer a Friend Promotional Terms and Conditions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer a friend to sign up for a MyRepublic nbn™ broadband service and receive a $50.00 account credit for you and your friend.

In order to be eligible for the credit your friend will need to enter your Account Number (8-digit number that starts with a C e.g. C1234567) into the Promo Code box which is at Step 6 of the MyRepublic online sign-up process.

Once your friends new service has been provisioned and activated an account level credit of $50.00 will be applied to both their account and yours.

You can refer as many friends and family to MyRepublic. Please note: MyRepublic reserves the right to not apply the Referral Credit to the Referrer and/or the Referee, if:

  • The Referrer’s Customer ID is not entered, or entered incorrectly or incompletely, during the sign-up process;
  • It is deemed there has been a breach these Promotional Terms and Conditions or the Referrer and/or Referee have applied for this Promotional Offer in bad faith;
  • The Referee service address for the Eligible Plan is the same service address as the Referrer; or
  • The Referee self refers themselves.

For more information please refer to the Promotional Terms and Conditions.

The Referee & Referrer will each receive a $50 (inclusive of GST) Referral Credit on their MyRepublic account once the Referee’s service has been activated.

If you have referred your friends and family to MyRepublic, and they have entered your Customer ID Number during sign up you will receive a Refer a Friend credit on your next invoice once their service has been activated.

Your Customer Account Number can be located in the top right-hand corner on your invoice. This is the 8-digit Customer Number that starts with a capital C.
E.G. C1234567

In the event either the Referee or the Referrer cancels their service with MyRepublic, the Referral Credit may be used to pay any outstanding charges. However, the Referral Credit may not be used to off-set the Early Termination Fees.

Address not supported.

Sorry, your address is not supported for a MyRepublic service today. Please leave your details below and we will check MyRepublic service availability at your place before we contact you.

If you’ve entered the wrong address, please go back and enter your address again in the address checker.

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