nbn™ New Line Installation Charge

Thank you for ordering a MyRepublic nbn™ service.

We have identified that there is a copper telephone line connected to your property that can be used to provide part of your new nbn™ connection.

To proceed with your order there are two options we can use to connect you to the nbn™. Please select the option you wish to proceed with and provide your authorisation below.

Option 1: You can select to transition your existing service including your copper phone line to MyRepublic nbn™. In order to progress with your order we require the phone number associated with this copper line. You can find our your details by following the steps outlined in the email we sent you.

Option 2: We can submit a request to nbn™ to connect a new copper line into your home. nbn™ have communicated to us that a New Line Installation charge of $300 inc GST. To proceed with the installation of your nbn™ service we require your authorisation to pass on this charge from nbn™, this will appear on your MyRepublic invoice.

Option 3: You can select to withdraw your order and not proceed with your new MyRepublic nbn™ service.

Retail Service Provider of nbn

What is the nbn™?

The nbn™ is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network.
nbn™ is designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live. MyRepublic uses nbn™ infrastructure combined with our purpose built network for National Broadband Networks to deliver you SuperFast Unlimited Internet.