Request for a new Home Phone number

If you would like a new home phone number rather than porting your existing home phone number, we can process your broadband connection usually within 2 business days.

Please note if you choose this option, you will lose your previous home phone number.

If you still wish to port your home phone number, do not complete this form, no action is required.

By entering your details and submitting this form, you are withdrawing your original request for number porting and will be provided with a new telephone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cancel my previous broadband or telephone service can I still port my old number?

For us to port a number to your service, your number must be active. Once a service has been cancelled, we are unable to port your number.

If I elect a new phone number, what number range will it be?

We allocate numbers dependent on where you live, we will advise you of your phone number via email. MyRepublic allocates a number from number range of your closest capital city (which will be “out of area number” if you are not located in that city).  If you have an out of area number, calls to and from that number will be charged as if you are in the standard zone unit (calling area) for the number, and you may not be able to port the number to another provider.

How will I find out what my phone number will be?

We will email you once your new home phone number has been allocated to you.