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Internet for Gamers

Select your unlimited nbn™ plan and add on Gamer Pro to access our gamer network optimised for low latency. With added perks, live latency tracking, static IPv4 address and specialist gamer support. Join our gamer community today.

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Gamer Pro Add-On


  • Access the network optimised for Gaming
  • Custom Routing
  • Live Latency Tracking
  • Static IP Address
  • Gamer Perks


What we can control in our network, we optimise.

MyRepublic Gamer plans utilise traffic prioritisation and custom routing to ensure you get the best gaming connectivity we can deliver. We monitor latency to key gaming servers and optimise the network to take the best and fastest route available.

Check out the connection performance to games via our Custom Routing page.

Only MyRepublic Gamer lets you track the ping and latency to your favourite game, with a dedicated form to contact our engineers directly if the game you play is not currently optimised.

Discord Community & Support

As gamers ourselves, we understand the importance of community and support. Discord’s the perfect place to meet other MyRepublic Gamers and chat all things gaming.  In the event you encounter any issues, you’ll find an unrivalled support experience with our specialist Gamer support team ready to go the extra mile to get you online or help with a complex setup.

Add-ons & Features

The days of waiting hours for a game to download are over. With MyRepublic Gamer, you get everything you need for a hassle free gaming experience, with unlimited data, super-fast nbn™ 100 with 83Mbps typical evening speed and a Static IP for stable hosting.

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