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Internet for Gamers

No one optimises for your online gaming experience like MyRepublic GAMER. All data traffic for MyRepublic GAMERs runs on a dedicated IP address range, allowing our engineers to prioritise GAMER data and set up the best custom routes to overseas game servers. 

Live Latency Tracking – Our performance updates every 15 minutes!

Check out the connection performance below and if there is a game that you would like us to review the route for submit a Custom Routing Request and we’ll do our best to optimise the network to lower your game’s ping.  Read more about our gamer network optimisation here.

Live latency Tracking

See how the games you play are performing on the MyRepublic GAMER network.

CS:GO – Sydney 1ms16ms21ms56ms25ms
DOTA2 – Los Angeles 238ms253ms258ms293ms262ms
Fortnite – Sydney 1ms16ms21ms56ms25ms
League Of Legends – Melbourne 11ms26ms31ms66ms35ms
The Division – Sydney 1ms16ms21ms56ms25ms
Titanfall 2 – Sydney 1ms16ms21ms56ms25ms
Fortnite – US 158ms173ms178ms213ms182ms
Overwatch – Melbourne 1ms16ms21ms56ms25ms
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Our performance data is updated every 15 minutes, so don’t forget to refresh the page for the latest connection performance.

Above latency shows ping time from our data centre to the specified location, it does not include latency between our customers connection and the data centre. Ping times are a snapshot in time and may not be representative of the end user experience. Game vendors may change their IP at times without our knowledge, while we endeavor to keep this list updated it may not always be.

Submit a Custom Routing request

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