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Request to cancel your MyRepublic order

Important Information

To request cancelation of your order for MyRepublic services pre-activation,  please complete the form below.

  1. Complete the form below and agree to the cancellation terms and conditions
  2. We will send you a return pre-paid satchel. Place the Wi-Fi Hub+ Modem inside the return satchel and send the Modem from your nearest Australia Post outlet or post box.
  3. As soon as we receive the Wi-Fi Hub+ Modem in as new condition we will confirm your service cancellation via email and refund your initial payment.

Submitting this form will remove your order from the queue, and cancellation will be finalised when we receive the returned Wi-Fi Hub+ Modem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my return satchel to send back my Modem?

We will  dispatch a return satchel to you within 3 working days of your request.

How long before I will receive a credit on my card for the modem?

Please allow up to 15 working days to allow for the modem to get back to our fulfilment centre and for us to process the credit onto your account.

What happens if I don’t return the Wi-Fi Hub+ to MyRepublic?

The Wi-Fi Hub was sold as part of the promotion for MyRepublic connection, as you are not proceeding with your connection, if you choose to keep your MyRepublic Wi-Fi Hub+ we will charge you $99.