Month to Month – DANII TEST

Flexi Plan


Our no lock-in plans have flexibility built-in and are perfect for renters, movers and shakers. You get unlimited data and calls to Aussie Landlines, just like our contract plan, without a 12-month commitment. Simply select the ‘no lock in’ contract option when you build your plan. $74.99 per month & $99 upfront for our ADSL2+ and fibre ready Wi-Fi Modem. Minimum cost $173.99.

Month to Month Plan


Minimum Cost $173.99

  • Unlimited Data
  • Home Phone Included
  • Calls to Aussie Landlines

Options & Upgrades

phone-logo Home Phone

Home Phone Bundle


  • Included calls to Aussie landlines
  • Low rate Mobile and International Calls


Aussie Wide


  • Included calls to Aussie landlines and mobiles
  • Low rate international calls


International 40


  • Included calls to Aussie landlines and mobiles
  • Included international calls to 40 landline and 30 mobile destinations


Renter benefits


We go wherever you go

Our modems are nbn™ ready, too – take your device to your next location.


Month to Month Contract

No lock-in contract gives you the flexibility you need.


Your Broadband experience remains the same on a no lock in plan.
We provide the maximum speed available to you over the ADSL network.
Speed is dependent on the quality of the Telecommunications Infrastructure connecting your home and the distance from the exchange.