Check what Broadband is available at your place

Our promise

Our service & network

Our network has been set up and capacity planned to handle peak evening traffic (when everyone is home from work and school) so we’re confident to mirror this performance during the day.

We’ll be keeping a sharp eye on how our network is performing and will upgrade as necessary if we see peaks beyond our normal high range –  rest assured we are well set-up to cope.

Customer Service

We value the health and safety of all our team members and have transitioned the vast majority of our team to be working from home, this includes our local and abroad customer service teams. Remote working will mean we won’t be able to provide customer support as fast as we normally do. If this does happen, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can also:

How we can help?

Our customer service and support teams continue to be available to support you. Our contact information can be found here.

Need Financial Assistance or need to delay payment? Speak to our customer service team or refer to our Financial Hardship Policy

Changing nbn™ Speed Tier Plan

As more and more Australian’s start working from home during this pandemic, sometimes your may need more speed than normal. At MyRepublic you can change your nbn™ tier by moving to a different MyRepublic nbn™ plan. There are no penalties or fees for moving between plans or any hidden charges. Just contact our Customer Service Team and we can have your speed upgraded or downgraded in no time.

Ready, Set, GO

Getting connected

We are working ferociously in the background to get new nbn™ services connected as quickly as possible however due to the COVID-19 impacts our wholesalers and partners may experience some delays. But don’t worry, if you are simply switching your current nbn™ service to MyRepublic there will be no delays as no technician visit is required.

Peace of mind

All MyRepublic plans come with unlimited data* (includes download and upload traffic) so you dont have to worry about excess data charges allowing you to power on and work from home, students can continue their education via virtual schooling, or simply keeping the young’ins distracted with a movie or show. *Acceptable Use Policy applies to ensures everyone has fair access.

Tips on working from home

Stick to your normal routine

Working from home can get hard especially when you are nice and snug in bed – but the best way is to start your day like any other day. Continue to enjoy your morning coffee, a quick morning run and have a lunch break.

Staying connected whilst working from home

It’s a good time to think about what you now need the internet for during this pandemic and making sure you are on the best speed tier plan to support your needs, especially if you will be conducting conference calling and uploading and downloading large files. Check out our nbn™  Speeds Explained page which will give you more information on what speeds are best for what type of internet activity.

Check what Broadband is available at your place