Residential Services

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Business Services

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Planned Network Maintenance

nbn™ Services: Planned Maintenance

Phone Services (Res & Bus): No known issues

If you believe there may be an outage in your area click here to visit the official NBN Network Status and Outages page. Type in your address and it will update you with the current status and/or planned maintenance in your area. Some other helpful links can be found below.

Australian Network Status

You can find information on any planned or unplanned outages across our Residential and Business Broadband and Home Phone network.

Service interruptions will vary in size and complexity due to multiple factors from weather events to our wholesale providers. These can affect a few customers, or large scale event which will impact many.

Whenever it’s possible, we will give our customer notice about interruptions and maintenance work. We can’t plan for everything, but we will always do our best to correct faults as quickly as possible.

Keeping You Updated

We’ve made things easy for you to check whether there is any planned maintenance in your area, with helpful information to know how long the maintenance will take, which area, and at what times. Check our Planned Maintenance page.

Other Useful NBN Links