Moving home? We make it easy.

Take your existing MyRepublic internet service with you, or alternatively, we can help set you up with fast and reliable internet for when you move in.

New Customers

Step 1: Check your address below to see if you can get a MyRepublic nbn™ at your new address.

Step 2: Order your new MyRepublic service and select the date you want us to arrange your connection when you sign up online.

Existing MyRepublic Customers

Moving home can be overwhelming and stressful. With MyRepublic you can arrange to book the move of your existing service online just to make things a little bit easier. Just log into MyAccount and follow the steps it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Login to MyAccount and select Relocation from the menu.

Step 2: Select your move in / move out dates.

Step 3: Enter your new address

Step 4: Submit your order

Final Step: Check what type of internet connection you have now at your current address. If you are currently connected to the nbn™ via HFC and have been supplied the below Network Termination Box (NTD) by nbn™ please do not remove it from your current address – just pack everything else and leave this behind.

Why can't I take the NBN HFC NTD with me when I move?

Any nbn supplied equipment needs to stay at your current address – please do not take it with you. This is a legal requirement. The nbn equipment is registered to the specific address, therefore will not work or be compatible with your new premises. You won’t be able to use it at your new address, and it cannot be re-sold as it is property of nbn.

Additionally, by removing the nbn supplied equipment, you may make it harder for the new owner or occupant of the premises you’re moving from.

Check your address to see if MyRepublic broadband is available