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Outage Notification

The outage affecting our customers in Pinjarra and Katanning  surrounding areas -WA has been resolved. Please restart your modem if issue persists.

Thanks for your patience.

Updated: 26/01/2023 1:12 AM AEDT

Outage Notification
Our service provider is currently experiencing an outage affecting NBN services in South Coogee and surrounding areas – WA.
The cause of the outage was confirmed due to fibre break. Fibre and civil crews are on site in Rockingham now and are beginning preparation work for repair activities. On-site engineers have determined that conduit and fibre damage is too extensive for a temporary repair and that they will need to begin excavation and installation of new conduit and fibre. Estimated time of restoration for completion of fibre haul is 3 hours with splicing to begin shortly after. Once splicing starts, affected service should gradually recover.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Rest assured that we are working closely with our provider to expedite the restoration.
Updated: 9/2/2022 21:53PM AEDT

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