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Hardware & Modem Support

Every Wi-Fi network has a unique name or (“SSID”) and password (also called a network key). Your MyRepublic modem has a unique network name and network key. You can find these on the magnetic Wi-Fi Security Card supplied with your modem or on the label on the back of your device.

  • Once you have received notification from MyRepublic that your service is active, it is time to set up your MyRepublic modem.
  • Simply follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide included with your modem delivery.
  • View our modem Quick Start Guides online.

2.4GHz and 5GHz are simply different Wi-Fi (wireless) frequencies. The primary difference between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless frequencies are range and bandwidth. 5Ghz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance, where as 2.4Ghz offers coverage for further distances, but may perform at slower speeds. Depending on where you are in your home you can switch between the two connections to optimise your Wi-Fi performance.

As part of your connection, MyRepublic provides you with a pre-configured modem that has been engineered and tested on the MyRepublic network. This allows easy plug and play set up as well as allow MyRepublic the ability to remotely assist you with any troubleshooting. If you choose to use an alternative device, we aren’t able to assist you with set up or troubleshooting.

Power cycling is when you turn your modem off and turn it back on again via the main power switch. This allows the modem to refresh. If you are experiencing anyissues, we recommend power cycling both the modem and any attached equipment or devices. Power down the modem for at least 2 minutes before powering your device back on.

  • We dont recommend you change the network settings on your MyRepublic modem unless you are technicially confident to do so.
  • To access the modems set up wizard for the Wi-Fi Hub+ or Halo modem, connect your spare Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on your computer, then type into your web browser

Username is admin
Password is admin

If you already own a MyRepublic Wi-Fi Hub+ modem you can purchase an additional modem for $120, or upgrade to the AC2200 Halo modem for $219. Pricing includes delivery.
Contact Customer Service to make a purchase.

Modem costs stated above does not include any promotional pricing.

MyRepublic modems come with 12 months warranty. Check out our Legal section for further information.

Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology (MU-MIMO) allows a Wi-Fi modem or router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This decreases the time each wireless device has to wait for a signal and dramatically speeds up your network. An average small business has upwards of eight devices battling for bandwidth simultaneously, MU-MIMO will increasingly improve your Wi-Fi experience.

Beamforming technology allows wireless signals to focus on each device, tracking your movement for enhanced wireless connectivity.

To connect to the nbn(TM) FTTC network, you will be provided with an FTTC Connection Device supplied by the nbn(TM). You will need to connect your nbn(TM) Connection Device to the first telephone socket in your home.

If you have an older type of telephone wall socket (as pictured below) you will need to purchase an adaptor that can connect to an RJ11 telephone cable (as pictured). You can find these at most hardware or electronics store such as Jaycar, Bunnings Warehouse or JB Hi-Fi.

If you are connecting to the nbn for the first time, nbn will send you an FTTC connection device via Australian Post once they have received the order from MyRepublic. You should receive your equipment before your scheduled connection or appointment date. If you are unavailable to receive the delivery, Australian Post will leave you a card for you to pick up at the Post Office.

If you have not received your FTTC connection device 24 hours before your scheduled connection or appointment date please Contact MyRepublic Customer Service so we can check with nbn.

If you have been provided an FTTC connection device previously by nbn you will not receive another connection device for your MyRepublic nbn FTTC connection.