How To Spend Your Christmas E-Gift Card

Published: December 2019

With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than having fast, affordable NBN and receive a MasterCard Virtual e-Gift Card with up to $200 in value?! You can spend it anywhere you like, so as long as it’s online. Purchase that Super Soaker your children have been begging for this summer, order your mother some flowers or finally grab that hammer drill that’s been hangin’ in the tabs of your browser for the past year. Hey, you could even put it towards your first internet bills with us. As long as the vendor accepts MasterCard and it’s online, you’ll likely be able to use your e-Gift Card*.


Got a gamer in the family? Maybe you don’t mind a little bit of Fortnite footwork, League of Legends larrikinism or Overwatch antics yourself? Head to our Gamer NBN plans for the deal of a lifetime: signing up to a Gamer Pro Premium 12 month plan will not only net you a $200 e-Gift card, but for $1 + shipping, you can get yourself a brand new wireless Corsair Void Pro RGB Premium Gaming headset rigged with Dolby 7.1 sound surround. This headset stock is extremely limited, so make sure you get in before they run out! There’s never been a better time to get your game on with MyRepublic.


It couldn’t be easier with our 3 step ordering process. 1) Pick an NBN50 or NBN100 package. 2) Type in your address to check what broadband services are available at your place. 3) Fill in your details and order now – we’ll do the rest!


Order an eligible MyRepublic nbn™ plan before December 19th and treat yourself to a wonderful holiday e-Gift this summer.

*Full Terms and Conditions and eligible use cases here.