Netflix Hacks You Aren't Using But Should Be


Published: August 2017

Looking to have a Netflix session soon? We thought you’d say yes! But to make your Netflix time just that bit better, we’ve brought together the best hacks to enhance your streaming experience.

From deciding what to watch to changing the quality, we’ve got the answers. If you aren’t using these hacks already, you soon will be.

Do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix never able to choose something to watch? Relinquish this unproductive task and start using Netflix Roulette. It’s a site that randomly selects a title for you to watch from the Netflix library.

You can filter results by film, tv shows, rating, or by adding actors or directors. Another option to filter results is to enter keywords to help provide a more detailed match for your mood.

Netflix Bible is your holy grail

Another option to help narrow down your viewing options is to get onto Netflix Bible.

Netflix Bible is a list of all the categories that are on Netflix. It helps you choose a tv show or movie to watch in a specific category by simply entering a code at the end of the url. For example you would enter a code at the end of

Some examples of categories that are part of the bible include Anime Fantasy and B-Horror Movies.

Due to a recent update to the app you are now able to download your favourite tv show episodes or movies to watch offline! #finally! This means more viewing time on public transport without compromising your internet data, Or even more excuses to have a staycation on the couch and watch more Netflix!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Update your Netflix app on your mobile or tablet device, whether an Android or Apple devlice.
  • Select the movie or episode that you would like to view offline.
  • Tap the download icon and it will start downloading.
  • View your downloads in the section of “My downloads”.

Consult Reddit for the best titles

Reddit is a great source to gather insights on everything and anything. The dedicated subreddit r/NetflixBestOf captures a community of Netflix enthusiasts who share the best shows and movie titles they’ve viewed.

It gives you a chance to see what everyone is watching and to also share what you’re currently enjoying on Netflix. Join the community and discover new shows to watch!

Prevent unwanted Netflix user

If you find yourself being a little bit too generous and have given out your password to friends that don’t put in for the monthly subscription, consider booting them out.

You can simply sign out of all the devices that are signed in with your account and change your password. This will prevent any unwanted people using your account who aren’t paying for it. Sorry, not sorry.

Know your computer shortcuts’

Keyboard M

Streamline your Netflix viewing by getting in touch with these computer shortcuts to make watching a lot easier.

  • Play/Pause – Spacebar or Enter
  • Play – Page up key
  • Pause – Page down key
  • Volume Up/Down – Up arrow/Down arrow
  • Mute On/Off – M key
  • Enable Full Screen – F key

Optimising for video quality

Just because you’re paying for HD quality with your subscription may not mean you’re getting the output. This useful hack will change your Netflix viewing life. All you need to do is head into the playback settings and check “ High” for the best video quality.

Do note however, that you will need have internet that support this type of streaming quality.

Unlimited Netflix for the win!

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