nbn™ reaches 3 million homes and businesses

How do I know if NBN is in my area?

Published: August 2016

Another milestone in the construction of the nbn™ network has been reached this month as 3 million homes and businesses are connected. According to Peter Ryan, the Chief Network Engineering Officer, it now means that “more than one in four homes are able to connect to the nbn™ network…by this time next year, that number will be around one in two”.

Over 1 million active users

Add this to the recent news that the service has exceeded 1 million active users, a number that’s smashed targets, and it’s clear that Australians are jumping on board at the earliest opportunity. Something we found surprising was that the most popular speed users are activating is “25mbps download/ 5mbps upload”, accounting for “about half of the active users”. Given the possibility of 100mbps download is available, we think it shows the dissatisfaction with the current retail offerings and the general public’s need for better, more stable internet, not necessarily lightning fast speeds (although 25mbps would be huge upgrade to most homes!).

nbn™ ahead of schedule and on budget

According to the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield, the nbn™ network project is “ahead of schedule and on-budget” with a projected “5.4 million premises [connected] by June 2017 and over 9 million premises by June 2018”.

What you may not know is that this number is greatly significant given the incredibly slow start to the rollout. Fifield explains; “nbn is now connecting more active premises every month than the previous government connected in four years”.

When will the nbn network reach my area?

If you’re itching to get a connection on the nbn™ network, you can check the construction plan for your suburb, along with the projected date that works will be completed in your area, as well as the planned technology to be used (FTTN, FTTP, fixed wireless, and HFC).

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