A guide to broadband and moving home

Published: 27 December 2019

There are many challenges when it comes to moving house – whether it’s within your city or interstate. While moving can be stressful, switching your internet during your move doesn’t have to be! With the right planning, you can reduce the stress of sorting out your broadband connection when relocating.

Things to consider before moving the internet to a new house

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about moving your broadband connection when you’re in the process of relocating. Read on to know the right questions to ask so you’re prepared before the big move:

If I move houses can I take my internet connection with me? Can I keep the same internet service?

Most of Australia have internet access, though there is a possibility that some remote areas may not have the infrastructure for high-speed internet. So it’s important to make sure you check with your internet services provider first to see what kind of broadband speed is available at your new home.

If you have a home phone with your internet service, most providers will transfer your current phone number to your new address. However, if you’re moving interstate, it is highly likely that your phone number will have to be changed due to the different area codes.


Be aware that if you need to switch internet providers your internet plan and pricing could change. This could also mean that you will lose access to any current email addresses or phone numbers associated with your account, highlighting the importance to prepare prior to your move.

Does my current internet service provider service the area I’m moving to?

The other important thing to do is find out if your current service provider is available in the area you’re moving to. You can find this information by reaching out and asking them what options are available to you.

When contacting your broadband provider to discuss your relocation, you will need the following details:

– Your account number (you’ll usually find this on your monthly invoice).

– The address you’re moving to.

– The date in which you would like to connect the services at your new address.

Can I change my internet provider? What if I’m still under contract? 

Moving to a new home and keeping the service you already have will cost little to nothing. You can change service providers but if you’re under contract, this could potentially get a bit expensive.

If you have not completely fulfilled your contract it’s likely that you’ll have to pay an early termination fee. The size of the fee will depend on how many months are left in your contract.

How long does it take to transfer my Internet to another house?

Barring any unforeseen technical issues, relocating your current internet service could take roughly between 7 to 21 business days. The duration can also depend on:

  • The type of connection available at your new address.
  • Whether or not your new address has had an internet connection before.

If you’re sticking with your current provider, call them and let them know when your moving date is, so that your provider can activate your broadband service at your new location ready for your arrival.

If you’re switching providers, it’s even more important to start this process early. You’ll need to cancel your current service and make sure all the details are worked out with your new service provider. In general, it’s a good idea to begin this process at least 25-30 days ahead of your actual move.

Can I move my modem to another house?

Yes, you can move your existing modem to a different address. Although if you’re switching providers you will most likely be required to return the equipment to your old service provider if your contract requires this.

Also, remember that any existing nbn™ equipment you have installed at your current property should be left behind.

My new place has an nbn™ connection. How does that affect me?

This is great news! Any broadband plan you sign up for will be delivered over the National Broadband Network. This means that you’ll get a high-quality internet connection and it should help cut down on any problems or delays of installation. 

Many internet providers are even willing to upgrade you from copper to the nbn™ for free once it becomes available. 

In saying this, it’s still a good idea to research your provider’s nbn™ upgrade plans. That way you’ll know how to manage your broadband plan when moving home.

How should I manage my broadband plan when moving home? 

First, you’ll need to contact your current service provider and see if they are available in your new location. You may be asked to fill in a relocation form, which looks something like this.

If not, then you’ll need to research other service providers and pick yourself a new bundle. Once that’s completed, you should schedule a service call at your new home where the installer can turn on the internet service at your new location.

Make sure you are there for the appointment and allow for plenty of time in case of any unexpected problems or delays.

Can I set up the internet before I move in?

This depends on where you’re moving and a variety of other factors. If you own and have access to the home, then you should be able to set up internet service before officially moving in.