7 Documentaries You Should Be Watching On Netflix

Published: September 2020

Documentaries have a unique way of telling stories and educating people. They provide people with insights into different worlds other than their own. Netflix has an enormous range of documentaries that have taken on a cult status and provide entertainment around the world. 

To help you narrow down the list and choose your next documentary, we have put together a list of 7 of the best documentaries you should be watching. 

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1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Maddness 

Year released: 2020 

One of the most talked about documentaries of the year is Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Maddness. This seven-part docu-series follows the life of well-known zookeeper, Joe Exotic, his “big cat” zoo and his rival, Carole Baskin. 

Equal parts disturbing and baffling, you’ll learn about the interesting (and often, wild) world of captive Tigers in America. We can promise this documentary will be unlike one you have ever seen before. 

2. Our Planet 

Year released: 2019

Starring everyone’s favourite narrator, David Attenborough, Our Planet  offers an unrivaled experience of the natural beauty of the world and the animals that inhabit it. Unlike other nature documentaries, Our Planet is a groundbreaking series that  highlights the role viewers  play in the decline of nature  as well as the impact climate change has on all living creatures. 

With exquisite shots of nature at its core, this documentary will have you in awe throughout. 

3. Cheer 

Year released: 2020 

Following  the competitive cheer squad from Navarro College, this documentary proves Cheerleading is no easy sport.  Cheer offers behind-the-scenes access to the squad’s rigorous training regime, determined to become the best in the nation. 

With fierce head coach, Monica Aldama in charge, you won’t believe the strength and love these college students have for the sport and each other. This documentary showcases the tough (and painful) reality of being a cheerleader along with the dangers and pressures that come with it. 

This show has it all, from crazy cheer routines that will have you holding your breath, to college drama and team spirit. Dive into the amazing world of cheer with this documentary series. 

4. Conspiracy 

Year released: 2015

Explore some of the most famous conspiracy theories in the world today, with the Netflix documentary series, Conspiracy

With one conspiracy showcased per episode,  dive into the conspiracy theories you may have never known existed. From theories on the royal family to the Cold War and whether the moon landing was real, this documentary series has something for everyone and will leave your mind turning long after each episode. 

5. Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 

Year released: 2019

Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes gives you a look inside the mind of America’s most notorious killer, Ted Bundy. With present-day interviews, archival footage, and recordings from death row, get an insight into the twisted mind of Ted Bundy with these gripping, never before seen interviews. 

Learn about the unique story of Ted Bundy and the controversy that surrounded this unsuspecting serial killer in this documentary. 

6. Formula 1: Drive To Survive 

Year released: 2019

Jump in the driver’s seat as  you enter the crazy world of Formula 1 in the new hit series, Formula 1: Drive To Survive. Experience the fierceness of the sport as well as the cutthroat competitiveness between all 10 teams. 

Offering an unprecedented platform for Formula 1, this series reaches a whole new audience of people who were previously unfamiliar with Formula 1. 

With true drama in every episode, see why everyone is falling in love with the sport in this documentary. 

7. World War II In Colour 

Year released: 2009 

Great for history buffs or anyone interested in learning something new, World War II In Colour is a documentary series detailing all the horror and drama that occurred in World War II. With rare footage and newly uncovered archives, this documentary series will have you hooked from start to finish. 

The restoration of World War II scenes in colour and high definition, will offer a new insight from the black and white images we’re so accustomed to when looking back to this period. Don’t miss out on this documentary series. 

Start streaming these documentaries today!

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