Australians Need Faster Internet Speeds

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Whether you’re an Australian native or just visiting, you’ve probably noticed that the internet speeds are slower than you’d prefer. Slow internet speeds have become a growing point of contention among Australians in recent years.

When you look at Australia’s internet speed compared to other countries, it’s evident that the country has a lot of catching up to do.

What Are the Facts About Australia’s Internet Speed?

The internet speed average in Australia is 41.99 Megabits per second (Mbps). In comparison, Singapore is ranked number one on the list with an average Mbps of 198.46.

Australia’s internet speed is currently ranking lower than Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kosovo. And the issue Australia has is not the size of the country’s population, because countries of similar or even smaller sizes are ranking much higher on the chart, but a range of other influencing factors.  

To really understand Australia’s internet speed problems and what needs to change going forward, it is essential to consider how the nbn™ is contributing to this issue. 

How the nbn™ Contributes to Australia’s Internet Problems

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is in charge of advancing Australia’s broadband infrastructure. The NBN was first announced in 2009, and it was sold to Australians as the solution to faster internet speeds. 

But over the years, the reality of the nbn™ has played out very differently. The project encountered delays early on, which attracted a lot of negative press. Public opinion surrounding the nbn™ has also grown increasingly pessimistic.

In 2014, the government changed the direction of the nbn™ rollout and said that it would focus on a multi-technology mix. Instead of bringing fibre to every home, the implementation brought a combination of old and new parts which significantly slowed internet speeds. 

So rather than inspiring confidence, the pivot only added to the uncertainty surrounding the nbn™, and left Australia’s fast internet speeds in the dust.  

What is the Real Cause of Australia’s Slow Internet Speeds?

In addition to the nbn™, slow internet speeds in Australia can be attributed to the following ongoing problems:

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  • Given Australia’s large size and sparsely distributed population, it takes a lot of infrastructure to support internet connectivity. This infrastructure is expensive to install over such long distances. 

  • Broadband technology is underdeveloped and is based on old copper network lines. This is the issue the NBN is trying to solve, but it doesn’t seem to be happening quickly enough.

  • Most Australian ISPs engage in something known as data throttling, which means that they slow down certain websites and services. This usually makes videos load more slowly and buffer frequently.

  • Australia’s international internet transit capacity is sourced from undersea fibre-optic cables to Asia and the United States. If even one of those cables is damaged, the internet connection is dramatically affected.
What Slow Internet Speeds Mean for Australians

As thenbn™ rollout continues across Australia, it is frequently criticized for being slow and expensive. Concerns have arisen about the lack of transparency surrounding the NBN’s performance.

But the real problem with the nbn™ is that the current plan is not equipped to support up-and-coming technologies. This puts all Australians at a significant disadvantage.

It affects the country’s ability to support a remote workforce, which is a growing concern in light of COVID-19. Slow internet speeds also lower the possibilities for distance learning and online education.

According to CISCO, the video streaming market will continue to take off over the coming years. Australia is going to need faster internet speeds to accommodate high streaming demands.

Final Thoughts on Australia’s Internet Speed

The nbn™ is a work in progress, and there is a lot that needs to be done to ensure that all Australians have access to faster internet speeds. High-speed internet means faster loading times and enables your family to access digital content across multiple devices.

If you’re looking for faster internet speed in Australia, then changing your ISP provider could make a big difference. At MyRepublic we offer unlimited super-fast nbn™ plans so you don’t have to compromise on speed when using the internet. Make the switch to super-fast nbn™ by checking out our range of nbn™ plans here.

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