Account Suspension

Your account is now overdue and as a result your service has been suspended

Our records show that your MyRepublic account remains unpaid, and as a result your service has been suspended.

To get your service restored immediately, you can make a payment below. If you need to update your payment details, please login to MyAccount.  

Failure to clear this outstanding balance may result in service termination, which may incur Early Termination Fees.

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Address not supported.

Sorry, your address is not supported for a MyRepublic service today. Please leave your details below and we will check MyRepublic service availability at your place before we contact you.

If you’ve entered the wrong address, please go back and enter your address again in the address checker.

Request for Sales Callback

Need help selecting a plan?

Our Sales Team is available Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. One of our team members will call at a when its convenient for you. Pick and date and time and we will be in touch shortly.