7 Tips To Increasing Productivity While Working From Home

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For some, working from home is a familiar routine, but for others; it’s a whole new work environment – minus the usual working environment. And therein lies the challenge…

How to remain productive and disciplined; on task throughout the day, when surrounded by a host of potential distractions at home?   

To help you next-level-up on productivity at home, here’s 7 pro tips to conquer your workload and breeze through the day.

1. Select a dedicated workplace clean and free from distractions

Rather than working from the couch or your bedroom filled with distractions, find a place in your home to turn into your own office. Having a dedicated area to work will allow your mind to focus. Tip: clinical and cluster-free works best for your visual and mental calmness.

Your area of choice should be clean to ensure all distractions are removed from your environment. Your at-home office location should be sufficiently comfortable so you can sit all day.

2. Schedule your day as you would in the office

Establish a schedule for your day each morning. Plan your day ahead with a clear vision of what tasks need completing and when. This forms an accomplishment list – that once complete – provides a dose of dopamine for every task you cross-off your list. Your daily schedule should be similar to your normal office routine.

There’s a plethora of daily task management tools and apps available online to help you stay on-point. Google Calendar is the most popular – and did we mention, free? Using productivity software will help you stay on top of your day and avoid the distraction by the ever-enticing YouTube or Netflix

3. Have a productive morning routine

Having a productive morning routine is essential to prepare your work day ahead. Waking in the morning at the same time stabilises your body clock and improves your sleep. It’s recommended one hour before you start work. Don’t forget exercise and a nutritious breakfast to start your day.

4. Have set working hours

Time management and discipline is key. Like in the workplace, start and end at set times. While there’s always more you could do at the end of the day (and into the night), it’s detrimental to your health and burn out may ensue.

Fixed working hours and time management will motivate you to complete work on time. When time is over, walk away. Tomorrow is always a new day.

5. Take regular and productive breaks

Taking regular breaks is vital to productivity. It increases focus and improves your performance. Planned breaks reduce stress, increase productivity, and boost brain function. Go for a walk, sit in the sun, or make a cup of tea. 

6. Remove the non-work distractions.

Messaging apps, popup notifications on your phone, background TV and ease of access to your gaming console will steal time and focus from your day. It’s ideal to send these devices into social isolation until your working day is over.

Need your phone for work? Set to “do not disturb” mode when your attention is required for the task-at-hand. Expecting a call from a colleague? Turn up the ringer and remove the phone screen from sight to eliminate distractions.

7. Have the right internet speed for the job

Now you’re at home, so too could be others on multiple devices and all sharing the same internet connection. In an age where video conferencing and HD video streaming is the norm, be sure you’re equipped with the right internet speed for the job.

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