10 Fun and Productive Things to Do at Home

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Lockdowns, self-isolation and social distancing… If you’re looking for things to do at home when bored, you’ve come to the right place! Say goodbye to cabin-fever and say hello to 10 fun and productive activities during COVID-19.

1. Baking

Enjoy fun at home with kids baking the time away making cakes. Who doesn’t love cakes? It’s great for big kids (adults) too! If you’re not a fan of cakes, try making your own pizza from scratch. It’s easy, cost effective – and if there’s kids involved – they’ll love the sensation of kneading the pizza dough. Speaking of dough – did you know you can make your own play dough from 100% natural ingredients? A sure-fire way to keep the kids entertained for hours with fun at home activities.

2. Movie Marathon

Things to do while self-isolating now that we’re all home alone – get into character with the Home Alone franchise. There’s five family comedy movies in the Home Alone franchise that’ll keep you entertained for over eight hours (in marathon mode). Viewing suitable for the entire family (PG). Now streaming on Netflix.

3. Google Yourself

Seriously… you’ll be amazed to learn just how far back the internet never forgets.

4. Travel the World

You might be in lockdown, but you can still explore the world with Google maps and street view. Do all your research now and plan your next adventure or holiday, or simply enjoy the digital freedom to travel from the comfort of your home.

5. Take a Free Online IQ Test

“You’re clever” you hear – but wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how clever? Well now you can, by taking a free online IQ test. At the end of your test, you’ll receive your official IQ score compared against the general population.

6. Harness your Inner Craftspiration!

Unleash your inner artist – paint, draw, sketch or craft. Gain inspiration with an endless library of crafting tutorials and how-to ideas on YouTube. Bewilder at some of the inspirational and clever creations you can make at home.

7. Upskill Yourself

Knowledge is power, and there’s nothing more powerful than upskilling your knowledge. And with the amount of online courses available, there’s practically nothing you can’t learn. Udemy, one of the largest and most popular, offers free and paid online courses. Plus, your newly acquired knowledge may help increase your fortune in applying your skills in the workplace or an online side-hustle.

8. Learn a New Language
Choose from a variety of free and paid language apps that make learning a new language fun and easy. Duolingo is a popular and free resource that’s intuitive and easy.
9. Exercise to Happiness

Lift your mood with fun at home workout programs available free on YouTube. Choose from a plethora of paid fitness apps in the app store that await you. You’ll never workout alone.

10. Puzzles and Board Games

The sale of puzzles and jigsaws have soared during coronavirus. Board games and puzzles can last hours, especially if there’s kids involved. Stimulate your mind and engage the entire tribe.

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